Lifejackets and PFDs


Children’s flotation devices

There are approved PFD's and lifejackets designed especially for children. When you purchase a child’s approved flotation device, look for the following:

  • Canadian approval labels detailing the appropriate chest size or weight
  • A large collar for extra protection and support to the child’s head
  • A grab strap on the collar
  • Bright colours; yellow, orange or red are most easily seen
  • Sturdy, rust-proof buckles and zipper
  • Waist ties with snug-fitting drawstrings or elastic in front and back
  • A safety strap that fastens between the legs to prevent the device from slipping over the child’s head


Make sure that the approved flotation device is comfortable, yet snug.  Do not buy a PFD or lifejacket that is too large in the hope that the child will grow into it

Remember that a PFD can never replace adult supervision. Keep your child within arms length at all times when in, on or around the water

After you have selected a flotation device for a child, we recommend that you attach reflective tape and a plastic whistle


 Please see below short videos (in French and English)  explaing the key points for life jackets: